Reciter: Tejani Brothers

A somber lightless sky flickers with the faintest of blues
As a hundred or so lights huddle together
Men, women, children and warriors
As a group you can barely call an army
Saying let the enemy come and harm me
For death with Hussain (AS) is sweeter than honey
And better than a life with Yazid’s money
It’s funny; the ground burns when it’s sunny
Yet no-one’s running away
These are all flags of Hussain (AS) but they don’t sway
Proclaiming in life and death, by you Hussain we’ll always stay

You see Hussain, Hussain is this magnetic enigma
That dictionaries and historians can’t begin to understand
The Prophet would hold his tiny body in his hands
Kiss his neck and say this child will change the course of time
You see he is from me and I and from this Hussain of mine
Hussain is a powerhouse, a university of justice
Peace, morality, a sense of hope in every crisis
Truth Vs falsehood, right against wrong
Teaching us the true meaning of being strong
A man so grounded in his principles that despite his thirst
even when the dagger sits at his neck, his Lord always comes first

Hussain was born of nobility and tranquillity
From the purest lineage and heritage
But what can we say about his companions
Mere mortals like you and I
Whose eyes shone brighter than the stars in the night sky
Who said – if we are given the sun in one hand and in the other the moon
If we’re given oceans of jewels
And mountains of pearls
And promised the world
We’ll never desert you
We won’t let them hurt you
Though we may be nothing of your status
We’ll give you everything that God gave us

These men, sat on the edge of heaven and hell
Trying to choose a side knowing full well
We’ll die if we choose what’s right
But it was love at first sight
As they sat mesmerised
Watching that sparkle in Hussain’s eyes

You see to each this story has a different meaning
Whether it’s tears streaming, chest beating, weeping, kneeling screaming we wont forget you even if our hearts stop beating
And even though the haters will keep on scheming
Nothing they say will stop this feeling

You see, the beauty of Hussain’s message is that every time you hear about it, it’s like you’re hearing it anew
And every time anyone stands up against falsehood for what is the truth
You’re reminded about that day, and those 72

So let’s unfreeze that moment under that dark blue sky
As they stood valiantly shouting their war cries
Knowing, or perhaps not, that, young and old
They were about to become the greatest story ever told

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