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Who Is Hussain

Who Is Hussain

Who Is…
Who Is Hussain

For Those Of You Who Don’t
Know Who Is This Hussain
The Legacy Attached
Towards His Special Name
He Saved Humanity
Maintained Morality
Changed For Eternity
The Course Of History
Who Is…
Who Is Hussain

He Was The Grandson Of
Our Prophet Muhammad
He Sacrificed His Life
He Was Drowned In His Blood
The Children And The Men
His Brothers And His Friends
Were Murdered On That Land
Their Bodies On The Sands
Who Is…
Who Is Hussain

The Lantern Of Guidance
And Ark Of Salvation
To Save Humanity
Was His Only Mission
And With His Blood He Signed
A Contract That Will Bind
The Hearts And Every Mind
Of All Of Human Kind
Who Is…
Who Is Hussain

Just Look At His Message
And Look At His Teachings
A University In Life For Every Thing
On How To Live This Life
On How To Yearn And Strive
On How Your Soul Can Thrive
On How To Sacrifice
Who Is…
Who Is Hussain

Alone Against Thousands
He Made That Final Stand
He Gave His Head But Not
Did He Extend His Hand
And So Alone He Stood
For What Is Right And True
And Even Though He Knew
He Would Die For His Views
Who Is…
Who Is Hussain

They Were Denied Water
Even A Six Month Old
On His Lips Quivered
His Skin Stuck To His Bones
This Tiny Baby
Whithing In Agony
He Was So Thirsty
They Showed No Mercy
Who Is…
Who Is Hussain

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