Reciter: Tejani Brothers

Let’s all learn about the day of Ashura
Let’s all learn about the land of Karbala

This is the day when imam Hussain
gave up his life for you and me
this is the land where millions will come
crawling upon their hands and knees
this is the tale of karbala
and the story of our maula

The children like ali asghar
aun and muhammed and qasim
he said death was even sweeter
than the taste of honey for him
they showed us to stay strong in faith
to stand for truth despite your age

Imam Hussain had a young son
who he loved called Ali Akbar
he took a spear into his heart
when he fell he called out father
maula hussains vision faded
he pulled that spear out unaided

Hazrat Abbas the flag bearer
came forward with the children’s flask
he wasn’t sent to fight but to
bring back the water was his task
the flask was pierced his hands were cut
his flag was brought back drenched in blood

From a very young age we’ve learnt
to wear black clothes in muharram
our mums and dads took us to sit
in majlis and to do matam
we will teach our children the same
their first words will be ya Hussain

These are the merits of ziyarat
of maula Abbas and Hussain
they always protect their zawwar
and keep them safe away from pain
whenever you can visit their shrine
Go there with tears in your eyes

Salaam upon you my maula
salaam upon your son ali
salaam upon your companions
salaam upon your family
salutations on you i pay
I’ll read this ziyarat everyday

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